Protect Illinois Communities

Posted over 1 year ago by Teresa Kodiak in Legislative Update

It has been 6 months since the tragedy that occurred July 4th in Highland Park.  Since that time, we have seen a massive shift in support for regulation of fire arms in our state.  House sponsorship for HB 5855, also know as the “Protect Illinois Communities Act”, grew from just two to 56 which is just shy of the 60 votes it takes to pass a bill in the house during regular session.  The Illinois legislature now has the chance to pass this life-saving legislation in the lame duck session this week.  


What’s included in the bill:

Bans assault weapons and extended magazines making it illegal to manufacture, deliver, sell or purchase assault weapons in Illinois.

Raises the age of legal gun ownership from 18 to 21 with the exception of active duty military or Illinois National Guard

Allows prosecutors to seek the revocation of gun ownership from those who triggered red flags laws requiringindividuals who pose danger to themselves or others to turn over their weapons.

Please consider taking a moment to contact your representatives for the sake of your patients, your family, and yourself.  


Teresa Kodiak, MSN, APRN-FPA, FNP-C, CWON

Legislative Chair, NAPNAP, Illinois Chapter