The Improving Care and Access to Nurses Act (ICAN), H.R. 8812

Posted almost 2 years ago by Teresa Kodiak in Legislative Update

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic Advanced Practice Registered Nurses (APRNs) demonstrated resilience, strength, and versatility amidst a healthcare workforce experiencing staffing deficiencies, disillusionment and burnout.  APRNs rose to the challenge, and they did so by using diverse skillsets to provide quality care.  Without certain waivers that were put in place during the Public Health Emergency (PHE) that made it easier for APRNs to care for patients, much of that would not have been possible.  Time and time again APRNs have proven they are highly trained providers with clinical expertise, and they deserve to practice at the top of their license.

The Improving Care and Access to Nurses Act (ICAN), H.R. 8812, seeks to address these issues by permanently removing barriers experienced by APRNs prior to the PHE.   ICAN will allow patients to access the provider of their choice by removing outdated Medicare and Medicaid policies.  Consider reaching out to your state representative today to show your support for this bill which was just introduced to the house of representatives earlier this week.


Thanks for your consideration!


Your Illinois Legislative Chair,

Teresa Kodiak, MSN, ARPN-FPA, FNP-C