As an Illinois nurse, we need your help!

Posted over 2 years ago by Teresa Kodiak in Legislative Update

Dear Illinois NAPNAP members,

Your Illinois Chapter of NAPNAP wanted to take this opportunity to inform you that the Illinois General Assembly is considering HB 4269: allowing Illinois to become a member of the Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC).  The Nurse Licensure Compact would allow nurses in participating states to have one multistate license. 


What benefits does this afford us? 


  1. The ability to practice and communicate with patients or students-both physically and electronically across state lines.  Currently, nurses and APRNs are required to hold a license in the state where they are providing care.  This might have been more feasible in a pre-pandemic world, but as Telehealth has just been expanded in our state and has skyrocketed by 38x the pre-covid baseline, it’s time to consider what the future should look like.  Under the NLC Illinois Nurses would be protected in scenarios where they are providing care to patients in states included in the compact. 
  2. Increased mobility of professionals across state lines.  It would facilitate the movement of nurses in the event of a natural disaster or emergency, account for military spouses, and allow greater coverage for the anticipated nursing shortage we face in 2025 when an additional 14,395 shortfall of nurses is expected.
  3. Convenience to nurses by decreasing redundancy and cost of licensing


Illinois would join 39 jurisdictions in becoming a member of the Compact. Please consider asking your State Representative to sign on as a co-sponsor and vote "Yes" for HB 4269


Thank you for your support!


The Legislative Team at the Illinois Chapter of NAPNAP