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ISAPN Legistlative Update

Posted almost 8 years ago by Jennifer Armstrong

Hi all.  Please see the ISAPN Legislative Update below:

Legislative Report

The 2010 spring legislative session was convened January 13th, however, the legislators have been in Springfield only 6 days. And, already the deadline for bill introduction is passed. The talk under the dome is budget, budget, budget. What to do and when to do it. The uncertainty over the Primary Election and the campaign for the General is on all legislators' minds. Any bill that is extremely controversial or would cost the State money will have a difficult time passing. And, the overarching desire: "let's get out early"!

There has been little action to date other than assigning bills to a standing committee. Below are key bills affecting APNs. A complete list can be found by logging onto, complete the client login, and click on 'user file'. This will be updated weekly during session.


In the House:

HB 4935: Representative Reitz (Chair of Healthcare Licensing Committee in the House) has introduced this very controversial bill introduced on behalf of the Illinois State Medical Society. They describe it a necessary to assure APNs (and others) can be employed. The language, as written, would not allow nurses to be employers and essentially gives MDs increased 'control' over all non-physician professionals. There will be lots more on this bill in the coming weeks.

HB 4975: Rep. Saviano, will allow DPR if requested to expunge (remove) the record of discipline for failure to pay taxes, student loans, or child support. It does not allow removal of disciplinary action for other causes. ISMS is desirous of a more comprehensive expungement of records. It could get interesting.

HB 5033: Rep. Flowers-it's back!! Nursing staffing by ratios. Currently still in the Rules Committee.

HB 5040: Rep. Jakobsson creates the Child Safe Chemicals Act. This bill has been introduced previously and meets lots of opposition.

HB 5475: Rep. Flowers is attempting to have hospitals pay a licensure renewal fee, just as licensed healthcare professionals do. Currently hospitals only pay a fee to IDPH upon initial licensure. This will likely meet lots of opposition from IHA!

HB 5517: Rep. Mulligan's bill would require pharmacists to notify all prescribers about generic drugs being dispensed: if they are giving a different one than prescribed or any changes a prescriber makes the pharmacist must notify the patient. Should be an interesting discussion on this one!

HB 5587: Rep. Cross's bill regarding students with Diabetes. This is initial language; amendments are expected. In meetings with Sen. Steins and Harmon present it is clearly an issue that they intend to move this year. The advocates do not like this approach, but are being told that this is all the legislators are willing to do. They are not amending the Nurse Practice Act!

HB 5745: Rep. Saviano; this is an interesting bill in that it provides for enhanced penalties if a firearm or machine gun is discharged against a nurse, APN, MD or PA.

HB 6194: Rep. Pihos gives individuals an opt-out for having DPR list their name, address, etc on the DPR rosters for all professions. Typically this is the list ISAPN purchases to track all licensed APNs in Illinois.

In the Senate:

SB 2541: Sen. Wilhelmi is advocating for a uniform emergency volunteer healthcare practitioners registry for emergency services in a disaster. We anticipate little opposition to this.

SB 2567: Sen. Steins bill to eliminate the Written Collaborative Agreement for APNs. It is currently a shell bill, but language will be added once the bill is out of the Assignments Committee. The language is identical to last year's SB 1600. We anticipate lots of opposition from ISMS and other physician groups.

SB 2635: Sen. Frerichs bill is identical to HB 4935 above.

HB 2240 : was amended in the Senate and concurred in the House to move the budget address to March 10th. In addition the Governor is to file a written report to the legislature on February 24th regarding revenues and expenditures estimated for FY 11. Then between February 24th and March 10th members of the General Assembly may make written budget recommendations to the Governor for the budget and made available to the public via the Governor's website. So, if you have any budget requests, there is a window of opportunity to contact legislators and urge them to put it in a written request!



Committees begin in earnest this week, with March 5th as the Senate deadline and March 12th the House. Again....the implication 'lets get out early!' More next week.

Addendum: Received from many questions from APNs about what the Supreme Courts decision really meant: it is that the law passed regarding tort reform, which included caps (limits) on payments to patients for pain, suffering, etc was unconstitutional. So, any amount of money one can be granted to a patient due to a court decision regarding negligence or malpractice, thus causing insurance rates for providers to likely rise. ISMS is working on another bill regarding this issue, but it is difficult as this is the 3rd time the court has reversed this type of law in Illinois.